Cooking Tips


Put whatever you are spraying with cooking spray on your opened dishwasher door. Spray away. The next time you run the dishwasher the door will be cleaned and ready for the next spraying!



Use your salad spinner!



1.  Eggs should be cooked from room temperature (30 minutes out of the fridge) unless otherwise stated.  To warm an egg quickly, place it in a bowl of warm water for 5 minutes.

2.  Boiled eggs should be straight from the fridge if they are being cooked in cold water from the start.  If being placed in boiling water they should be at room temperature.

3.  Eggs should be separated fresh out of the fridge.

4.  Always break eggs into an empty dish to avoid getting shell into other ingredients.  If some shell falls into the bowl, use the remaining shell to extract it. Shells love shells more than your fingers or utensils.

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